Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

Hello everyone!!  This is my first post on our brand spanking new website!!!

The Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro is this weekend in Sequatchie TN.  There are many Vol Riders in this event so if you aren’t doing anything productive (like riding) get down there and support our local riders.

Here is a current list of known Vol Riders in the Saturday race.  If they qualify they can compete in the main event with the Pro’s on Sunday (that is if they’re feeling up to the challenge).

Drew Kirby
Will Presson
Ty Starr
David Scraggs
Richard Hutchinson
Jeff Mynatt
Ros Kingrey
David Rowland
Danny Pressley
Devin Ferguson
Also, there will be several Vol Rider spectators in attendance both days so keep an eye out.  I’ll be there Sunday.
Have a great day and hopefully I’ll see you this weekend!!
Vol Rider Secretary